About Me

My name is Marie-Laure and I am a Shaman, a Channel, an intermediary between the world of Angels & Spirits and our world. I use my voice for Soul Readings and healing singing.

Through me you enjoy a unique and friendly moment hearing directly from your Angels and Guides, who are delighted to enlighten you about your way in this life. You will be given guidance and empowerment : keys and understanding about your path and the limitative beliefs/fears/conditioning you inherited from your lineages and/or past lives. You will be able to better sense :

Who you are : your real personality, your skills, gifts, and resources 

Your way and next step forward : your purpose, your deep motivations, expectations for personal or professional projects, your achievable dreams, the issues you are facing

What you can transform : the fears, false-beliefs, lack of confidence or actions, self-judgment, non-authorizations to follow your real desires etc ... which block your power, lead to frustrations, prevent you from being fully you and connecting your to inner-joy.


My mission is to accompany your Soul-journey to reveal your Whole Identity, and let bloom all your «potential».

I help you recover and integrate all the parts of your Soul/Being to achieve your goals/desires and dance the life you are longing for.

   Soul Reading-Channeling

I give readings via Skype and in person.  There is no difference between a reading via Skype or in person as the energy is the same : no physical distance in the Invisible ! I can deliver the message in French or in English.

The universe desires for all of us to reach our highest potential and will reach out to connect with us as we desire to move forward on our paths. As I connect with your Angels and Guides, I can bring forward information about your past - education, limiting beliefs, your real identity -skills, deep desires, and bring clarity to current events and issues.

Each reading is an interactive sacred moment between you and the Invisible : you can ask all the questions you need to.

Each reading provides insights to help you illuminate your path and make choices, but does not provide predictions about the future : your free will is the key - YOU are in the end the decision maker, the captain of your Soul Journey.


I connect to your Guides, not to your crossed over loved ones, but sometimes they can make an appearance and bring you some news from the Other Side. THEY decide to make contact or not, so I am not liable for their appearance or not during a session.

As the flow of words is abundant, and this connection requires your full attention, I recommend to record the session. 

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Soul Song Healing 

Sound is Vibration, Sound is Power. Shamen have always used Singing to heal : sacred singing, song of a tree, of the wind, of a plant. Each Being or Element has a specific frequency which can be translated into sounds.

My Soprano voice is my gift. I have various colors including low and deep notes but also crystal-clear sounds. I receive very specific vibrating sounds perfectly aligned with your own frequency which can free some emotions, memories, fears, false beliefs .... in your cells. Those sounds vibrate and radiate inside your body. I share the images and messages I receive during this healing.

In Office 


Soul Reading 

& Soul Song Healing

1 hour Session          100€

90 minute Session   125 €

Skype or phone

Session :

Soul Reading  

 1 hour Session            100€

30 minute Session        50 €