About Me

My name is Marie-Laure and I am a Shaman, a Channel, an intermediary between the world of Angels & Spirits and our world. I use my voice for Soul Readings and healing singing.

Through me you enjoy a unique and friendly moment hearing directly from your Angels and Guides, who are delighted to enlighten you about your way in this life. You will be given guidance and empowerment : keys and understanding about your path and the limitative beliefs/fears/conditioning you inherited from your lineages and/or past lives. You will be able to better sense :

Who you are : your real personality, your skills, gifts, and resources 

Your way and next step forward : your purpose, your deep motivations, expectations for personal or professional projects, your achievable dreams, the issues you are facing

What you can transform : the fears, false-beliefs, lack of confidence or actions, self-judgment, non-authorizations to follow your real desires etc ... which block your power, lead to frustrations, prevent you from being fully you and connecting your to inner-joy.


My mission is to accompany your Soul-journey to reveal your Whole Identity, and let bloom all your «potential».

I help you recover and integrate all the parts of your Soul/Being to achieve your goals/desires and dance the life you are longing for.

In Office 

46 rue Bayen - 75017 Paris :

Soul Reading 

& Soul Song Healing

1 hour Session          100€

90 minute Session   125 €

Skype Session :

Soul Reading  

 1 hour Session            100

30 minute Session        50 €

06 60 71 47 75
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